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Playmob/PlanetPlay Lead Delegation of Games Studios at UNDP Climate Promise Event

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During Earth Week 2024, CEOs Jude Ower and Rhea Loucas discussed how the games industry can support climate action by leveraging games to mobilize players for climate advocacy.

2023 5th World Young Scientist Summit - China

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The GREAT Project was invited to take part in events to advance climate actions as part of the 5th World Young Scientist Summit, being held being held in Wenzhou China.

2023 American Psychological Association Divisision 34 Conference

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ZSI’s Katharina Koller shared insights on the GREAT Project's participatory approach to game-based research for promoting climate action.

13th Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium in Bremen, Germany

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Dr. Jane Yau presented in the a healthcare session, on the use of computer games to improve and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

SGI Demos Dilemma Based Learning at EdTech Denmark's 2023 Digital Learning Day

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Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen spoke with various stakeholders regarding DiBL and climate games with the aim of attracting interest and increasing awareness of the GREAT Project.

World Young Scientist Summit

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The GREAT Project invited to present their work at a key side event of the World Young Scientist Summit 2023 - International Young Scientists Forum on Ecology and Resource Sustainable Development of Silk Road held in Urumqi, China on 8-10 July 2023.

Climate Change Symposium

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Professor Paul Hollins from the GREAT project gave a keynote presentation at the "Five Minutes to Twelve" Symposium on Climate Change, garnering interest and anticipation from climate change experts and students alike.

Sustainable Innovation

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The GREAT project made its mark at the 23rd Sustainable Innovation conference, presenting 'A Pathway to Sustainable Impact on Climate Change Policy' through games and engaging in panel discussions, aiming to raise awareness and collaborate with industry partners for advancing climate action and sustainable development goals.