2023 5th World Young Scientist Summit - China

The GREAT Project has been invited to take part in two key events in advancing climate actions being held in China in November 2023. The first one is the "Youth Climate Action Forum & 2023 Global Roundtable for Young Scientist Scholars" as part of the 5th World Young Scientist Summit, being held in Wenzhou, China on 11 - 12 November 2023, as well as the "Symposium on Resilient Cities" being held on 13 - 14 Nov.

The overarching theme of the forum is "Inter-Generational Responsibility: Science-Driven Action Accelerates SDGs 2030", which includes advancing the UN sustainable development goals and climate action. The forum aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among young talents, to actively contribute to solving global challenges. Through collaborative efforts that transcend geographical boundaries, integrate multiple disciplines, and bridge generational gaps, the main purpose is to create opportunities for innovative collaborations, especially with the younger generations who are seeking sustainable solutions to address global complex challenges such as climate change, education, and sustainable development.

The "Symposium on Resilient Cities" focuses on urban-rural integration and sustainable development of resources and environment and advancing climate actions. The conference agenda includes keynote speeches, a field trip to visit nearby locations to experience active climate action cases as well as panel discussions on "Limiting global warming to 1.5°C: Time-Sensitive Strategies".

Due to the short notice and limited time for this long-distance trip, unfortunately, the GREAT project team could not attend this timely collaboration and networking event. However, we hope to engage with and make fruitful collaborations with important stakeholders in the near future in another similar upcoming event to advance sustainable development and climate actions.