Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation, as series of conferences, are organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design, and is currently in its 23rd year and has been attended by over 2700 participants from over 50 countries.

The theme of this year’s Sustainable Innovation conference was “Accelerating Sustainability in the Creative Economy and Creative Industries”. On 23rd March – Day 4 of the event, the topic – Games, Music, Film, Theatre and Museums – was in focus. Professor Paul Hollins (University of Bolton) and Jude Ower (Playmob Limited) presented the GREAT project as A Pathway to Sustainable Impact on Climate Change Policy, and participated in a panel discussion with other session speakers and the audience afterwards.

The target audience was industry and business partners and the main objective was to raise awareness of the project in its initial stage with industry at a sustainable conference.

On Day 2 of the event, the topic – Strategic Overview – was in focus and Jude Ower (MBE, CEO, Playmob) also presented a session on Games, and how Games can be used to advance sustainable development and the actual sustainable development goals themselves.

The conference program can be found here. The GREAT project would be excited to join in the subsequent events of Sustainable Innovation, to disseminate its findings and results and how the project is contributing to climate change policy as well as the sustainable development goal - climate action (SDG13), in order to gain more visibility of our work as well as to collaborate with others with the same goal.