World Young Scientist Summit

The GREAT project was invited to present their work at a key side event of the World Young Scientist Summit 2023 - International Young Scientists Forum on Ecology and Resource Sustainable Development of Silk Road held in Urumqi, China on 8-10 July 2023.

The goal would have been to raise awareness of the project and make collaboration with scientists in different disciplines to increase climate action (SDG13). However, due to time and resources constraints, partners were not able to travel to China to make the presentation and foster the networking opportunity.

The GREAT project presentation would have been assigned to the concurrent session 2 on “Sustainable Development and the Application of Innovative Technologies in the Aral Sea Basin”. The organisers have invited the project to attend this conference in order to share insights on how to advance sustainable development in the developing region of the China, especially concerning climate change and environmental problems. The case study of GREAT is focused on the climate emergency, however, the methodology can be applied to other case studies or problems of global concern such as the loss of biodiversity, air pollution problems, the spread of infectious diseases etc.