13th Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium in Bremen, Germany

From 21-24 September 2023, GREAT project manager, Jane, was invited to present an overview of the project at the 13th Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium in Bremen, Germany. The theme of this year’s symposium was “Climate Change and the challenges to a Sustainable Development'', held at the Atlantic Hotel Universum, Bremen, Germany.

Jane was invited to present in the Healthcare session of the symposium, via invitation only. Each symposium brings together 60 scientists from a wide range of disciplines (30 each from Germany and Brazil). The four topics of this year’s theme include Healthcare, Green Energy, Food Security, and Biorefineries and Bioeconomy. The aim of the symposium is to establish long-term bi-national co-operations that strengthen the scientific relationship between Germany and the respective partner country and to form collaborations to solve global challenges.

The aim of the 15-minute presentation followed by a 45-minute Q and A session was to make potential collaborations on the use of computer games to improve and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Jane also did a lightning talk and presented a poster at the symposium.

There was a lot of interest amongst the audience relating to how games could be used to collect large quantities of citizens’ data as well as the educational value of games, and how they can be potentially used in health.

Future topics of potential collaborations include

  1. the use of dilemma games to educate farmers on the types of biofuel that can be used for their farming and crops, and
  2. educational games for children to learn about biofuel, genetic engineering etc. from a young age to increase sustainable development, as there are very few, if any, educational content relating to these topics.

Thanks to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for funding this important event.