Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen Speaks at the Creative Business Cup 2024 Global Finals

Exciting news on panel discussion with our project partner - Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen (Serious Games Interactive): "Gaming for Culture and Society" at Creative Business Cup 2024 Global Finals!

Creative Business Cup is an annual global competition, enrolling participants from more than 80 countries from all over the world. The competition is for creative and innovative startups and is shaped by a shared goal of all the National Partners in Creative Business Network, of connecting and empowering the cultural and creative industries worldwide.

The panel discussion topic was – How can games be utilized for cultural heritage as a potential tool and method to involve youth in culture-making and help them contribute to our common values in their own terms? Explore the fascinating world of gaming with us and explore how it shapes our culture, influences social trends, and builds communities.

The conversation was led by Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning (Creative Business Network), Kathrine Fremming (Khora Virtual Reality), Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen (Serious Games Interactive), and Jakob Ion Wille (Royal Danish Academy).